Academic Design

Academic Design


Worked with academics to put their research into more graphically engaging designs that will be more interesting for readers to view and better convey the research findings.

Most recently I helped with creating visuals for research concerning learnings from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (London 2012) sports policy. This has since been published on the UK government website and continues to be a source of research within the UK Sports market.

I have also worked with Sports Scotland, I used the Universal Design Process to ensure the learning notes for the govering body would be presented in an visual but accessible way for all stakeholders which included a mixture of ages and disabilities. In doing this I had to consider the colours used, the fonts and the overall layout. These all went through remote user testing to get to the final design. We took the designs and pushed them in the direction that engaged people which was logos and images - this ensured that these learning notes were fully engaging and used these to educate Sport Scotland stakeholders across several different topics.

My most notable work has been with the Association of Physical Education (afPE) to create a booklet to show the importance of Physical Education in school - this work has been used as a reference point for stakeholders in schools through-out the UK and also by the UK government.